Global Engagement

International and cross-cultural interaction expose people to ideas and perspectives that they may otherwise never consider.  As our global community faces unprecedented ecological concerns, it is imperative that we consider all possible approaches to solving problems worldwide and in our own backyard.  

Every  community develops innovative solutions to address their unique challenges,  and there is a lot to be learned from one another!   STRIVE is designed to bring people together from various backgrounds, fostering collaboration and exchange of ideas as we all try to build healthier, more sustainable communities.

By learning from each other and working side by side, STRIVE believes that communities around the world can inspire one another - sharing ideas, knowledge, and skills that will enrich host communities and guests alike in their pursuit of greater sustainability.

Global Engagements


Connecting Students from Georgia and Haiti

As part of our partnerships with the National School of Plaine de L'Arbre and Marietta City Schools, we are actively building connections between the students of each institution.  Students in Marietta's Engineering Pipeline program are researching appropriate technologies to meet needs of communities in Haiti and around the world.  To help inform their research, STRIVE representatives share photos, videos, and insights from our experiences in L'Arbre and present the students' research to the National School's Director Widlet during our visits for feedback.  Marietta students have led donations drives to provide school supplies to the National School, and most recently we have started a direct video exchange with students from each school creating videos to share information about their lives and communities with one another.


The Fridays for Future Movement comes to Indy

STRIVE has been working with students at the Center for Inquiry School #27 in Indianapolis to facilitate their involvement in the global youth movement Fridays for Future, meant to raise awareness about climate change and the need for action among lawmakers.  During the event, Indianapolis students will record messages to be shared with their counterparts in STRIVE's partner communities around the world.  These videos will also be used to begin a direct video exchange between CFI 27 students and students from the National School of Moule-a-Manchette in Haiti.  Both groups have a focus on environmental concerns and will share information about their efforts to impact the environment in their respective communities.

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