Our Next Volunteer Opportunity is September 14!


The fifth in our Gardening 101 Series with Union Chapel is coming up on Saturday, September 14.  Mary Schend will join us to share her knowledge of food preservation and what to do with your produce after you've harvested it!  The day will begin with a volunteer opportunity at 10:00 am, working throughout the church property to help with next steps in the establishment of the congregation's public greenspace.  The lunch and workshop will begin at noon and are free and open to the public.  The lunch will feature some of Mary's own canned goods!

STRIVE's Sustainability Initiatives

STRIVE works with communities, schools, businesses, and places of worship around the world on initiatives such as native habitat installation, community greenspaces, water resource management, composting, recycling, and more. Interested in partnering with us on a project?  Contact us at striveworldwide@gmail.com!

The Community of Plaine de L'Arbre, Haiti


STRIVE's partnership with Plaine de L'arbre is focused first and foremost on water, which community members express as their most urgent need.

Rainwater Harvest


In 2018 and early 2019, STRIVE helped repair the storage cistern and install guttering to collect rainwater at the National School of Plaine de L'Arbre.

Youth Engagement


Youth in the community will be a driving force behind sustainable change and will be an integral part of future efforts in our partnership with L'Arbre.

Union Chapel United Methodist Church


Situated on 5 acres along 86th Street in Nora, Union Chapel has great potential to make an impact through sustainability initiatives and community outreach.

Native Prairie Restoration


The existing meditation bench will be surrounded by lush native grasses and wildflowers that will support pollinators and wildlife while providing human members of the community with a peaceful space for solace, meditation, and communion with nature.

Community Garden and Food Forest


A food forest featuring native tree varieties will be established on the north lawn, serving as a beautiful and bountiful backdrop to a new community garden that will provide growing space and fresh produce for members of the surrounding community.

Center for Inquiry School #27

Bringing the Fridays for Future Movement to Indianapolis


STRIVE joined the students at CFI 27 on March 15th for the Fridays for Future global youth movement to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change and the increasing need for positive action by governments around the world to address it.  Middle school students hosted an educational event at the school that included displays of the students’ own climate research, along with student-led educational activities and informational booths featuring local organizations working toward positive change. This event was just the beginning of our partnership with students at CFI 27.  Keep an eye out to see what's coming up!

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